A Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, recently closed its doors. According to a state pro-life group, Pro-Life Wisconsin, the facility lacked an abortionist and fewer women are seeking abortions.

Pro-Life Wisconsin state director Dan Miller acknowledged the support of pro-life volunteers and those who prayed for the facility’s closure.

“It’s because of those volunteers, who have prayed outside the facility, daily, even while it was shuttered, that’s why it’s closed,” Miller said.

The abortion clinic had unofficially closed its doors in September 2015 but Planned Parenthood repeatedly stated that it would reopen.

“When the clinic didn’t reopen in the spring as anticipated, Pro-Life Wisconsin recognized the truth. For Planned Parenthood, it’s all about the bottom line – if you don’t produce, you’re gone,” Pro-Life Wisconsin said. “The Grand Chute facility wasn’t killing enough babies, so they will close. Planned Parenthood’s internal policies are focused on abortion. That’s where the money is.”

Another Planned Parenthood located in Appleton, Wisconsin, suspended abortions last year due to difficulty in finding an abortionist to work there. That same clinic had shut down before due to a Senate bill that gave women access to an ultrasound of their baby before an abortion. The bill also required that abortionists, in order to perform abortions legally, have admitting privileges to a hospital within thirty miles of where the procedure will be performed.  The bill was the reason for the temporary closure, according to Planned Parenthood.

Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker signed this bill into law earlier in 2016. Called Sonya’s Law, this piece of legislation guarantees that women have access to ultrasounds before getting an abortion.

“Sonya’s Law will empower women to make truly informed decisions regarding how they will proceed with their pregnancies and will protect the lives of women who experience complications after their abortions,” Wisconsin Right to Life said at that time.

While happy at the closing of the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, Pro-Life Wisconsin’s director Dan Miller was also somber at the news.  “We mourn the loss of each and every baby killed in that facility.”

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