Bert Carlson, age 90, has taken up a new activity in the last five years. Carlson spends his free time volunteering at the food pantry in William Temple House.

Carlson began volunteering when he realized that he had a lot of free time that could be put to use.

“Main thing was something to do, because I had a lot of time on my hands,” he said.

When people visit the pantry, Carlson helps them find their way through the shop.

“He’s always down here making sure people don’t grab too much, and they know what to grab. He’s the man to ask if you have any questions, that’s for sure,” said Jeff, a shopper at the pantry since 2012.

Jeff describes Carlson as kind, polite, nonjudgmental, and understanding. “We’re all human regardless of setbacks or whatever station in life we happen to be in at a time,” Jeff said.

When asked what he has gotten from volunteering at the pantry, Carlson explained, “It’s very fulfilling. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.”

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