Austin McRae, 9, has cystic fibrosis and diabetes and is finding joy in helping others.

Austin lives in Estacada, Oregon, but, with help from his parents, he has started delivering supplies such as clothing, food, and toiletries to homeless people in Portland every week.

Austin is inspired by all those who have helped him in the past: “People have been taking care of me my whole life, so I want to do something for other people.” he said.

His parents have encouraged Austin in his efforts, helping him to set up a website, Austins Cause, where people can donate.

“It’s helped to take the focus off him and his medical appointments and given him another focus,” Austin’s father, Josh, said.

Currently, the McRae family is raising money to buy a trailer so they can deliver even more supplies to homeless people.

As a Midwestern girl, Josie enjoys living in the plains, but would love to travel the globe, already having spent several months abroad during her studies in Austria. After graduating, she spends much of her time reading, writing, walking, running, dancing, and living! Josie would love nothing more than to empower others to be able to do the same.