Doctors told Sharista Giles’ family that she would never wake up after a car accident left her in a coma in December. At the time of the accident, Sharista was 4 months pregnant.

Doctors performed an emergency operation in January, delivering the son the family has temporarily deemed “Baby L.”

“The doctors were telling us there was nothing else they could do,” Beverly Giles told ABC News. “They already gave up hope. We never gave up. She’s fought this hard.”

Sharista Giles babySharista opened her eyes for the first time last week at the Harriman Care and Rehabilitation Center. Her family was notified and rushed to the center, delighted to find the 20-year-old woman receptive to touch, squeezing her family members’ hands and following them with her eyes.

Prayer and support flooded in throughout her months in coma thanks to the Facebook page dedicated to Sharista and Baby L.

The day before Sharista awoke, the family posted, “We miss that beautiful smile…… you have thousands of people praying for you everyday. God’s got your hand baby girl…. hold on tight [and] don’t let it go…. God will see you thru!”

Baby L remains in the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit. Sharista’s dad brought her a picture of her newborn son.

“He showed her a picture of her baby, and she followed the picture,” Beverly said. “When he turned around to put it back on the bulletin board, she turned her neck, her whole head trying to follow and find the picture again.”

Though Sharista has yet to communicate, her family remains optimistic.

“God is great!” the Facebook page read. “This is a great start!”


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