Gianna Jessen: Victor for the Unborn

Warrior, fighter for life, and a proclaimer of the love and compassion of God. Gianna Jessen could be considered a modern-day hero. Jessen lived through her mother’s attempt to end her life at 7 ½ months with a saline abortion. According to her website,...

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A New Pro-Life Deputy

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a new deputy assistant secretary for population affairs, and she’s Pro-Life. Dr. Diane Foley is a women’s health specialist who has contributed to several Pro-Life causes and organizations throughout her career....

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A Legal Victory for Oregon Right to Life

Oregon Right to Life is no stranger to endorsing, supporting, and providing information about political candidates. In June 2016, however, a bitter battle ensued between Republicans, that culminated in a lawsuit that threatened Oregon Right to Life's first amendment...

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Is Northern Ireland Next?

Northern Ireland is an interesting case. Though a member of the United Kingdom, the region is exempt from a number of U.K. laws, primarily due to its connection to the Republic of Ireland. Technically, the U.K. could choose to enforce its laws, which openly allow...

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Water contamination in Salem area

Alarms went off late Tuesday night that warned people of a “CIVIL EMERGENCY” followed by another warning stating “WATER EMERGENCY FOR THE SALEM AREA.” The following day people would learn that there was an Algal contamination in the Detroit Reservoir that put young...

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