Valentina Maureira, a 14-year-old Chilean girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis, has decided that she no longer wants to end her life through euthanasia. Speaking with a local paper, she said that “there are people who have led me to change my way of thinking.”

After her online plea to die went viral, Maureira was visited by many people encouraging her to keep fighting her illness, including a family from Argentina whose children are suffering from the same condition, according to Yahoo News. Another cystic fibrosis patient who has lived more than 20 years with the illness also paid her a visit and encouraged her.

Maureira’s father, Fredy, said that his daughter’s change of heart was related to the support she received from others who are fighting the disease.

In February, Maureira uploaded a video to YouTube without her parents knowledge asking the president of Chile to allow for her to be euthanized.

ValentinaFB“My name is Valentina Maureira, I am 14 years old, and I suffer from cystic fibrosis,” she shared in the video. “I ask to speak urgently with the president, because I am tired of living with this disease. She can authorize an injection to put me to sleep forever.”

The video upload went viral, causing a debate about euthanasia in Chile, where it is currently illegal.

Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, saw Maureira’s plea and did meet with her. They spent nearly an hour visiting in the teen’s hospital room, according to ABC Online. Bachelet could not grant her request to be euthanized but did intend to cover the costs of psychiatric treatment. 

Watch Maureira’s video plea below.



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