SAN JOSE, Cali.–

The Duggars, stars of “19 Kids and Counting,” and their network encountered pressure to cut their program over LGBT petition.

The Duggars are longtime advocates of traditional marriage and family values. Their network, TLC, has given them leeway in expressing their own views on these issues.

TLC received a petition from to cancel the show because of their views on the LGBT lifestyle.

“The Duggars have been using their fame to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people. You need to take a stand on the side of justice and cancel their show,” said Jim Wissick on behalf of

TLC has not yet commented, but season 9 of the Duggars’ program is currently airing.

Luke Douglas is a third-year law student, seminary student, professional political activist, syndicated opinion columnist, and in-demand speaker. He holds a Bachelors degree in communications. Contact him for consulting in campaigns, nonprofit organizations and fundraising.