Close to 2,000 conservative Oregonians gathered at Portland’s Oregon Convention Center on Saturday to support fiscal responsibility, family values, and religious liberty.

The 2017 Freedom Rally, sponsored by Oregon Liberty Alliance and its participating members, featured speeches from notable conservative figures such as Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor, best-selling author Star Parker, and Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee delivered the keynote address.

All four speakers affirmed their support for the pro-life cause. “I am a politician because I’m pro-life,” Huckabee said.

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson addresses rally attendees at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland

Attendees enjoyed a luncheon and perused displays highlighting conservative organizations in Oregon. Oregon Right to Life hosted a booth which educated voters about anti-life legislation such as SB 494 and HB 2232.

To-date, Oregon Liberty Alliance has sponsored four annual rallies, and each event has attracted ever-larger crowds. Attendance increased from roughly 700 people at the 2014 Freedom Rally to nearly 2,000 at this year’s gathering. Organizers hope that the rallies will generate support for conservative candidates in Oregon elections.

Nicholas Comerchero is a junior at Corban University, where he plans to complete his undergraduate degree in political science. Nicholas enjoys thinking, writing, and speaking about public policy and economics.