Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and conservative leader, will resign from his role as Dean of Liberty University School of Law.

Staver founded Liberty Counsel as a nonprofit conservative organization in 1989 to defend religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and traditional family values. Liberty Counsel now operates through affiliates in all fifty states and offices in Washington, DC and Jerusalem, Israel.

He also helped to found Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg Virginia, working directly with Reverend Jerry Falwell to launch a law school at Liberty University.

The School of Law advocates for law and policy from a Christian perspective, stating in its mission statement that it “is founded upon the premise that there is an integral relationship between faith and reason, and that both have their origin in the Triune God. Thus, from this perspective, legal education that purports to prepare individuals to pursue justice should skillfully integrate faith and reason as a means to the formation of law and a just society.”

Since 2004, he has balanced his time between leading the School of Law and Liberty Counsel. Under his leadership, the law school became a leader in conservative and pro-life legal academics, with alumni now serving as professors, legislators, and recently their first judge.

Tragedy set back the progress of the fledgling institution three years ago when his wife, Anita Staver, experienced a debilitating car accident. The two spent the intervening years living separately as Mr. Staver ran the law school and Anita lived at their old home in Florida while recovering.

Staver announced Monday that he would leave Liberty University School of Law to focus on supporting his wife through recovery and leading Liberty Counsel.

Liberty University has yet to release any news on Staver’s replacement or the long-term future of the law school. Liberty Counsel and its allies in the conservative community will continue to move with Staver’s leadership and example.

Luke Douglas is a third-year law student, seminary student, professional political activist, syndicated opinion columnist, and in-demand speaker. He holds a Bachelors degree in communications. Contact him for consulting in campaigns, nonprofit organizations and fundraising.