SALEM, Ore.—

Approximately 13,000 Oregonian’s votes remain uncounted after recent elections — a consequence of failure to sign the ballot envelope or failing to provide a signature which matched the name on file.

Hoping to amend the situation, the state released the list of problem ballots on November 12. Although not posted online, anyone can request the report or search for names.

“We absolutely plan to engage with voters who have not yet had their vote counted,” Tom Powers, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats, told the Statesman Journal. “We are proud that Oregon had one of the highest turnout rates in the country this year. We should make the extra effort to help give credit to every voter who participated in this election.”

Those with problem ballots should have already received a notification letter with instructions on how to fix it by the November 18 deadline.

Of the challenged ballots, 4,394 were cast by Democrats and 3,014 were cast by Republicans. In all, the problem ballots comprise less than 1 percent of the total ballots cast.

Want to make sure your vote was counted? Check this online database provided by the Statesman Journal.


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