Obamacare passed due to the “stupidity of the American voter,” said a leading Obama Administration consultant on in a video released this week.

Professor Jonathan Gruber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that “lack of transparency” helped the Affordable Care Act to pass, and expressly insulted the intelligence of the American voter.

As a consultant, Gruber helped to craft both the Massachusetts healthcare law and Obamacare. The videos in which he made these and other remarks remained secret until this week.

In separate videos, Gruber said the law’s passage relied on “basic exploitation of [voters’] lack of economic understanding,” and that Americans are “too stupid to understand” certain parts of the law’s tax scheme.

The release of these controversial videos quickly became a rallying point for Republicans. The Republican Party’s recent victories in the House and Senate left the Party in search of direction for the next two years.

Public shock at Gruber’s comments gave some conservatives in media the ammunition they need to blame the Obama Administration. Some predict that these comments will play a role in the eventual Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act after taking control of Congress.

Luke Douglas is a third-year law student, seminary student, professional political activist, syndicated opinion columnist, and in-demand speaker. He holds a Bachelors degree in communications. Contact him for consulting in campaigns, nonprofit organizations and fundraising.