Son of Author Hides $100 Bills in Books Around Portland

Son of Author Hides $100 Bills in Books Around Portland

In the month of March 2017, two local Portlanders separately discovered $100 bills hidden in copies of the book, The Cloud Seekers, in stores around the city. Jeffrey Winton, one of the lucky discoverers, found the money in the book at the Goodwill located on Southeast 52nd Avenue. Along with the money came a small note that stated:

“This book is free. If you need the money, please keep it. If you don’t, please give it to someone who does. You are not a Leftover. None of us are!”

The note was signed by Dustin Banks, a fictional character from the book.

Initially, the person behind these generous actions remained anonymous; however, the author of The Cloud Seekers, James Zerndt, eventually admitted when asked by KGW News that he had hidden the money along with his five-year old son, Jack, who had come up with the idea while watching Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory.
In a tweet, Zerndt exclaimed “I’ll just say that my five year-old’s favorite movie is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. He says everyone deserves a golden ticket!” Jack later said in an interview, “I had an idea from ‘Willy Wonka” when we watched it that I think everybody should get a golden ticket. That’s not fair if only five people do. So my dad had the idea of going to put the money in his books to help people get money.”
Money was placed in five books. So far, only two of the lucky books have been found; three books stuffed with $100 bills are still waiting to be discovered.

Pro-life activist Dr. John Willke dies at 89

Pro-life activist Dr. John Willke dies at 89


Renowned pro-life activist, author, and obstetrician John Willke died at the age of 89 on Friday. The founder of the International Right to Life Federation passed away at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine described Willke as a “worldwide leader in the right to life movement.”

After more than 30 years working as a family practitioner, Willke devoted himself full-time to the pro-life movement in 1988. He and his wife, Barbara Willke, authored dozens of books, presentations, movies, audio sets, and handbooks on abortion and human sexuality. Their writings have been translated into 32 languages and distributed worldwide.

Willke and his wife lectured in 85 countries, and the couple’s first book, “Handbook on Abortion,” remains one of the most widely read books presenting a pro-life perspective. In the U.S., Willke has appeared on almost every major network show.

In the preface to his book, “Why Can’t We Love Them Both?”, Willke wrote, “we view this field of battle with mixed emotions — dismay that the slaughter continues, elation at the great progress the pro-life movement has made . . . and a quiet optimism that our children will see the day when this demon is slain.”

Survived by six children and 22 grandchildren, Willke will be remembered as a loving father as well as a renowned activist.

“The core of his life was caring for people as a husband, a father and a doctor, and that caring extended to his life work for unborn children and their mothers,” Marie Meyers, Willke’s daughter, told The Associated Press.

“He will be remembered as a great teacher and friend and stalwart leader in giving a voice to the most vulnerable in our society,” DeWine said.