Pregnant mother postpones cancer treatment for baby’s sake

Pregnant mother postpones cancer treatment for baby’s sake

British mother, Indira Jayasuriya, decided to postpone chemotherapy to give her baby the best chance at life.

At 28 weeks pregnant, Jayasuriya was told that her breast cancer had returned and spread to her liver.  It was stage four and incurable, but instead of delivering via cesarean section immediately, as she was advised, Jayasuriya decided to put her baby first, feeling it was too early to deliver.  “He had helped detect the cancer, saving me,” Jayasuriya said.  “I just hoped I could save him, too.”

Unfortunately, the cancer was estrogen positive, meaning that Jayasuriya would suffer more as her pregnancy continued. However, she still wanted the best for her baby and waited until 33 weeks to deliver her son, Dilan.

After spending some time in the intensive care unit, Dilan is healthy and lives at home with his mother, father, and sister, Thilini.

Jayasuriya is undergoing a hormonal cancer treatment.

Meanwhile, she finds inspiration through her family.

“I can’t bear to think about leaving my children behind,” Jayasuriya said. “They are what keep me fighting. I feel positive and am making the most of every moment I spend with my family. Not a day goes by when I don’t tell them I love them.”

10 Signs of a Positive Thinker

10 Signs of a Positive Thinker

Research suggests that happiness is more of a choice than influenced by circumstance. While our mood levels are partly determined by genetics and upbringing, some experts say that we have control over about 40 percent of our happiness. Research in positive psychology has shown that happiness is a choice which anyone can make.

While it can be difficult to look on the bright side and a negative attitude appears to be the most logical reaction to a situation, we do not have to adopt this attitude. Which of these 10 signs are true of you?

  1. You don’t brush over the negative.

“Many people think that positive thinkers only look at the good side and ignore everything else,” positivity expert Joffrey Suprina says. “But if you go too much in that direction, there’s a potential for harm as well.” According to Suprina, one can adopt this mindset by becoming a realistic optimist.

  1. You focus on the good.

“Positive thinkers really are individuals who recognize both the bright side and the negative, but they choose to focus their energy and time on the side that’s going to promote the most positive outcome,” Suprina said.

  1. You’re conscience of your own thoughts.

Suprina says that positive thinkers recognize their automatic negative thoughts and promptly address them. “Most negative thoughts aren’t conscious, we’re not even aware of them. Positive thinkers are aware of those messages they’re telling themselves and the direction they’re taking them. They don’t go down that rabbit hole of negativity — they catch it and reverse it around.”

  1. You face, rather than fear, your failures.

Positive thinkers do not let mistakes get them down, but use obstacles as fuel for their growth. A Harvard study on happiness found that challenges ultimately improve well-being.

  1. You let go of judgement.

Positive thinkers let go of judgement and practice mindfulness by recognizing that their thoughts are just thoughts and not facts. This challenges negative patterns of thinking.

  1. You participate in positive activities.

Engaging in activities that reinforce positive thinking is necessary to becoming a positive person. Activities such as meditation, journaling, and spending time with family and friends can increase positive feelings.

  1. You get your exercise.

Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s happy hormone.

  1. You turn negative thoughts into positive actions.

“Positive thinkers are sometimes going to have those negative self-talk statements that flash through their heads, but the difference is they’re going to be aware of it and do something [about it],” Suprina says. “They counter those thoughts and refocus themselves.”

  1. You don’t surround yourself with negative people.

Research shows that stress is contagious. Therefore, positive thinkers avoid toxic people and surround themselves with people and things that help their optimistic attitude flourish.

  1. You make people happy.

Happiness is also contagious. Positive people influence those around them and as a result, everyone feels more positive.

Israeli company invents anti-microbial fabric effective against Ebola

Israeli company invents anti-microbial fabric effective against Ebola

The Israeli company Argaman Technologies recently unveiled a new fabric that is flame-proof, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. The “permanently self-sterilizing” fabric can potentially be used to protect medical workers against Ebola, a major breakthrough.

The company’s home web page reads, “We’ve reinvented cotton.”

Other uses include keeping astronauts’ clothes clean in space, preventing laundry from smelling, and curing athlete’s foot with socks made from the new fabric.

“When astronauts enter outer space, muscular atrophy and bone thinning begin immediately,” Jeff Gabbay, the founder, CEO, and textile engineer of Argaman explained. “To reduce these effects, they must do high-level aerobics at least two hours a day. You want to control their core body temperature as they do these aerobics, and you want their clothing to stay dry and odor-free because they can’t do laundry in space. That’s what you get with our shirts.”

“We’re going to improve people’s lives and relieve suffering,” Gabbay said. “With these new textiles, we can reduce infection rates and bring down the cost of patient care significantly—by 27%, according to hospital tests in Israel. I’m willing to give every hospital these fabrics for free. Just give me back half the money you save on antibiotics and patient care.”

Gabbay’s short-term goal is to sell the socks as cures for athlete’s foot. “The longer-term goal is to prove that they also close diabetic foot ulcers and will allow diabetics to keep their toes on their feet,” Gabbay added. “We will go through the regulatory process to make those claims.”

Argaman, Hebrew for “crimson,” has this mission statement: “We develop and manufacture in Israel and are focusing our energies to become Israel’s leading textile manufacturer and the world’s most innovative name in permanently self-sterilizing, flame-proof, multifunctional yarns and fabrics.”

Argaman’s process is also unique. According to the company’s website, “Argaman uses ultrasonic waves to blast natural compounds into fibers so that a permanent mechanical bond is formed between the compound and substrate.”

Argaman has found that ultrasonic waves provide better performance and efficiency than conventional treatments, which can cause environmental issues. The company’s process also recycles all the water and chemicals it uses.

“I do not ever seek to be alone in a market and I’m never afraid of competition,” Gabbay said. “The issue is how you compare to your competition. We have a superior product with better technology, better quality and fewer environmental concerns. This is one of those rare opportunities in life that, if you handle it correctly, just think of all the good we can do.”

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