While the pro-life movement is often associated with conservatism, there is no reason to restrict it to certain political parties. A group of Democrats, known as Democrats for Life of America, aimed to demonstrate this at their annual gathering in Denver, Colorado.

During the weekend of July 20, “I Want my Party Back” served as an event that unified the budding organization. Surprisingly, pro-life Democrats are not rare. According to a 2017 Gallup survey, 26% of Democrats identify as pro-life and 32% view abortions as morally wrong. This event was meant to highlight this often silent minority.

Issues discussed during the conference were not just limited to abortion, but extended to related topics, like how sex education should be taught in schools. Additionally, talks and presentations explored the connections between abortion, poverty, and racism. Many speakers were Catholic, a religious group that has been gaining increasing prominence in centrist United States policy.

While the group and event have faced criticism from other liberal associations, Democrats for Life America insists that it remains dedicated to progressive policies, simply differing on this one issue. Despite negative backlash from other Democrats, the organization asks that their party keep an open mind about such issues and continues to gather support for its cause, proving once and for all that the right to life should not be a partisan issue.

William Deatherage is a Junior at The Catholic University of America, Majoring in Political Science and Theology, as well as Minoring in Economics. William likes writing and producing media on social platforms, like YouTube, as a hobby.