Planned Parenthood’s regional Pacific Northwest chapter has filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho in an effort to undermine transparency on abortion.

The suit concerns a new Idaho regulation requiring doctors to report complications of abortion procedures, such as bleeding or allergic reactions to anesthesia. Abortion providers must also document their clients’ previous number of abortions and some personal characteristics like age and race.

Planned Parenthood has asked Idaho’s U.S. District Court to void the regulation. The abortion giant argues that Idaho’s law lacks safeguards to protect patients’ personal information from the public eye, and unjustly targets abortion providers while exempting other doctors from the reporting requirement. Further, Planned Parenthood complains that the statute is poorly worded, which could spell legal trouble for abortion providers who incorrectly report complications due to the law’s imprecise verbiage.

Ultimately, however, pro-abortion activists fret that Idaho’s regulation demonizes individuals seeking “abortion care.” “This is another attempt by Idaho politicians to shame and stigmatize [abortion clients] and to spread the myth that abortion is dangerous,” said Planned Parenthood lawyer Hannah Brass Greer.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s efforts to erode abortion providers’ accountability to elected public officials, at least 20 states have passed laws requiring doctors to report patient outcomes after abortion procedures. Pro-life activists should welcome these efforts to increase transparency on abortion practices. The well-being of both unborn children and their mothers is at stake.

Nicholas Comerchero is a junior at Corban University, where he plans to complete his undergraduate degree in political science. Nicholas enjoys thinking, writing, and speaking about public policy and economics.